Strategic Services

Strategic services let organizations achieve process visibility and operational efficiencies. One of our competencies is helping businesses implement strategic solutions using our extensive knowledge in this area. Our strategic solutions including process improvement, digital marketing, cloud computing, online lead generation etc are designed in configurable and simple manner so that these solutions can be easily changed hence giving businesses the agility that is needed in the present changing world.

CRM Consulting

Xcluesiv provides consultancy, implementation/migration, training and continuing support of Zoho SaaS based productivity applications such as Zoho CRM. Whether you are implementing CRM for the first, considering a switch to a new CRM system, or just seeking to improve on existing CRM usage, our training and consultation sessions can help.

Process Improvement

Business process improvement drives business performance improvement. Xcluesiv’s business process improvement services focus on streamlining processes. Our consulting is doable, practical and results driven. Our approach follows three main stages: strategic assessment, analysis and improvement solutions.

Web Consulting

If you have a website that is not getting the revenue stream that your organization needs, then you need an expert consultancy for your website improvement. Xcluesiv has been providing specialized web consulting services to businesses of all sizes and types. We work with companies who need their website to produce measurable results.

Digital Marketing Strategy

In a crowded online market space, you cannot only rely on creating an attractive website. You need a range of digital marketing services to keep your brand ahead of your competitors. Our expert digital marketing services effectively promote your business online. Our array of digital marketing service includes SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Cloud Computing

Cloud solutions not only improve operational efficiency and businesses processes, in fact when aligned with business strategy; it can give you a competitive edge. Xcluesiv helps streamline your path to the cloud. We have years of experience building environments of cloud, we match your business needs with the secure and right cloud solution.

Online Lead Generation

In today’s competitive economy, you need to reach your target market to convert web visitors into leads. With years of online marketing knowledge, Xcluesiv knows how to achieve online marketing success for your business. We combine experience and unique skills in online marketing with clear objectives that improve online lead generation for our clients.

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