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This was announced on Jan 25, 2014 through a press release statement, that a dedicated company called ‘Silicon Cloud International’ (SCI) has been launched to work on the development and integration of cloud based infrastructure at the semiconductor levels.

The company will focus on the end to end semiconductor design workflows, which will be based on the secure and multi-tenant cloud environment. The primary focus of the company would be universities and research organizations to carve this next generation cloud computing infrastructure into reliable and robust technologies before presenting to the commercial markets.

It was further elaborated in the company statement that this cloud based design infrastructure would be maintenance free with many other features, such as – production grade workflows, latest semiconductor process technologies, semiconductor intellectual property and electronic design automation or EDA software.

This technology would be very helpful for fast growth of the private and secure cloud computing infrastructure at an end to end semiconductor level. With the help of this project, the global semiconductor development and collaboration would improve due to its consistency and uniformity. It will also allow secure access to EDA tool-kits, IP cores and process libraries.

“The security has always been the main hindrance in the implementation of IC design in the cloud,” said the CEO of the company, Mr. Mojy Chian. “Using defense-grade security, SCI creates a trusted environment that enables universities and research institutions to access leading edge manufacturing technologies (PDK), state of the art design tools and the latest cloud computing technologies” he added.

The press release also hinted the establishment of a widespread and strong partnership of the company with different research institutes and universities along with other entities, such as – semiconductor ecosystem providers, EDA, foundry and IP companies.

“SCI represents the first major disruptive technology application of cloud computing in the semiconductor industry,” said Ulf Schneider, while commenting about this development in the domain of cloud computing technology at the IC level.

Due to the military grade security of the workflows, many technical experts in the IT industry anticipate this move a very positive sign to establish the confidence of all kinds of industries and organizations in the most cruising technology of the world.


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