Oracle Pakistan today announced the general availability of Oracle Database 12c, the first Database designed for the Cloud.

Speaking on the occasion, Ahsen Javed, Regional Managing Director, Oracle Pakistan and SAGE-W said, “The Oracle Database 12c brings to customers a new multitenant architecture that simplifies the process of consolidating databases onto the cloud; enabling customers to manage many databases as one – without having to change their applications.”

Oracle Database 12c also offers customers other capabilities for cloud computing such as simplified provisioning, cloning and resource prioritization without resorting to major application changes.

“As organizations embrace the cloud, they seek technologies that will transform business and improve their overall operational agility and effectiveness,” Joshua B Chua, Director, Sales Consulting and Enterprise Architecture, Oracle ASEAN.

Oracle Database 12c introduces 500 additional features and is the result of 2,500 person-years of development and 1.2 million hours of testing, plus an extensive beta program with Oracle’s customers and partners.


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