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Traditionally, a super-yacht is a vast, luxurious vessel whose opulence is only matched by its fuel consumption. However, more recently, the super wealthy have been making an attempt to show their “eco” credentials by purchasing greener and more efficient ships. Now Sauter Carbon Offset Design (SCOD) has unveiled a 42-meter vessel dubbed ‘Ocean Supremacy‘ that seeks to set the standard by which all other green super-yachts will now be measured. So what excess and opulence does the largest, most ”environmentally friendly” super-yacht come with?

With a maximum speed of 53 knots, the Ocean Supremacy is in the top 10 fastest super-yachts in the world. Her speed is matched only by her efficiency, which sees a 9 MW Solar Hybrid Propulsion System that is fuelled by a combination of solar, wind, wave and biomass diesel power. The state-of-the-art system reduces the yacht’s fuel consumption by 50% and gives her a 14-knot zero carbon cruising speed. All in all, this makes the Ocean Supremacy the most advanced Eco Luxury Superyacht that money can buy.

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Everything about the vessel is top-of-the-line as you would expect from such a luxurious vessel. On board is a 70KW marine solar cell array which charges a 2MW Lloyds approved lithium UPS, an auxiliary 200 KW inflatable traction kite for zero carbon cruising, a 50KW motion damping regeneration system for charging batteries and a 2X V16 (bio-diesel compatible) Series 2000 Tier 4i MTU Genset, which generate up to 1 MW each.

Of course, the Ocean Supremacy isn’t just about efficiency, it’s also about luxury. On board is a swimming pool, an open-air outdoor cinema with a retractable giant flat-screen, a master suite bedroom (with en-suite bathroom with double jacuzzi) and four spacious luxury guest cabins.

It’s not often that such a vessel would be so fast, so luxurious and only consume half as much fuel and produces less than half as much GHG emissions than similar crafts. Company CEO, Richard Sauter states:  “Ocean Supremacy is the first Cutting Edge, no compromise Eco Luxury Superyacht of her kind. Operating with renewable sources of energy, she combines the advantages of reserve power for emergencies, more comfort in rough seas, more space for entertaining and the privilege of Total Independence which comes from having an Unlimited Zero Carbon Cruising Range”.

Although the price is not yet known, we imagine it is well outside of our budget — not that we’d ever consider purchasing one, anyway.


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