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The ever-present Facebook like button has seen growth of 34 percent since February in terms of being published to external websites. One would think that 34 percent is a fairly solid growth rate, but it placed Facebook behind Google Plus, AddThis, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn. And all of those social networks were dwarfed by the performance of the Pin This button from Pinterest, which saw growth skyrocket by 637 percent.

Those data were provided by Evidon prior to the December release of its next Evidon Global Tracker Report

Evidon said in terms of total volume, the +1 button from Google Plus and Facebook’s like button continue to battle for the top spot, with Twitter’s tweet button running a close third.

And the data privacy company examined Pinterest’s growth in a blog post:

This growth of Pin This button adoption coincided with an evolution in the Pinterest audience. Digital marketing agency Tamba broke down Pinterest’s user base with an intriguing infographic that shows that Pinterest is growing among men, has users in a prime marketing age range (25 to 54), and boasts users of above-average income.

This has a domino-like effect in terms of actual audience data. These gender-diverse, affluent users are obviously attractive to a wide variety of advertisers. Publishers then recognize how valuable it can be if the Pinterest community takes notice of their content.

This has led to widespread deployment of Pin This buttons on sites all over the Web. These buttons, like all of the tools mentioned, are rendered by scripts that are capable of data collection even without interaction from the user, which allows Pinterest to gather a robust set of audience data at only the cost of hosting the small sharing tool.



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