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Email marketing is a fantastic way to keep constant contact with various prospects or past clients as a way of staying top of mind when it comes time for your subscribers to act. Email marketing may seem simplistic enough on the surface, type up a bit of information and a few clicks later your message is out, is in reality not quite that easy; well that is if you want to have a successful email marketing campaign.

Having the ability to transform prospects into customers through email marketing will require you to follow five simple keys for success:

1. Deliver value

Sending an email-marketing piece simply to send one out or to maintain “constant contact” is a surefire way to lose subscribers.  Name recognition flashing across the inbox of your subscribers is virtually worthless if they aren’t reading your content and looking forward to your next message.  The goal of any email marketing campaign is to become a trusted source of information. You should become a welcome asset to your subscribers not a weekly email your subscribers expect and immediately delete.



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