How to Make Sure That Your Cloud Communication Is Secure?

Becky McGinity| Cloudcomputingpath

Truly, Voice over IP or VoIP communication is an attractive feature with rich package deals that is offered through cable providers at a low affordable monthly cost which is really more attractive than traditional phone services.

A lot of companies around the globe are signing up in order to utilize the VoIP service for their respective offices. Yet, VoIP is also an internet based type of system which is susceptible to vulnerabilities and has more holes than traditional phone lines. Any user who has a background in network infrastructure can easily listen to the conversations in an unsafe VoIP line.

The Various Vulnerabilities of VOIP Cloud Communication

Through understanding the vulnerabilities of VoIP lines, we will be able to remove the susceptibility of attacks. Some of the attacks in your web connection and in your emails will also be reduced. Security experts believe that the attacks are often more common than before since more and more attackers are using fine tuning techniques in order to create holes within your system. Before signing up to a VoIP system, it is imperative to first be aware of the many potential threats that are inside the system.

One of the major vulnerabilities of VoIP systems include Spam and interruptions. Spamming is done through unwanted marketing which is also known as SPAM over the internet type telephony. Interruptions also occur whereas network attacks like viruses and worms can disrupt the service or even take your VoIP offline. Of course, the best solution for both problems through using strong antivirus programs and detectors. Maintaining your servers while at the same time setting up proxys will also be effective.

Some of the other problems that may occur on your system includes Privacy loss, voice phishing and hacking. Vishing, or Voice phishing happens when an attacker will contact you through a VoIP system in an attempt to trick you into providing personal data, such as your bank account information. This form of attack is also known as social engineering.

Privacy loss occurs when your company’s traffic is unencrypted, which makes it easy for anyone to eavesdrop while hackers can enter through your VoIP connection and use your line for illegal calls. In most cases, they can even sell the connection through the black market. Once you are inside the network, hackers can easily poke around in order to find sensitive information. Lastly, your VoIP network is susceptible to power outages, since when the power is down, so will be your service. You will not be able to receive calls.

In order to prevent such things from occurring, it is important to improve authentication, encryption and equipment security. You need to select a VoIP equipment which utilizes Wi-FI Protection Access or WPA2 as well as IEEE 802.11i. Turn on your passwords and add a VoIP firewall in your network. If it is feasible, you need to have a separate internet connection and a separate power supply in order to prevent downtime. Such are the important things to consider in order to protect VoIP services from attacks.


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