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In the domain of technology, the saying is, “the technology changes, the industry survives,” but predicting how the particular technology will progress within a given time-frame is a bit tricky. It is only the projection, based on certain researches and studies, that can provide meaningful trends or clues about the progress of that particular technology. The trend of usage and adaptability of cloud technology has been increasing for many years and is expected to keep increasing for many years to come.

Many technology experts think that cloud technology has not reached its maturity yet; it may take it about five or more years to mature if the present pace of growth remains consistent. It is being anticipated that the growth will be even more in the field of cloud technology in the year 2013 and beyond. Some of the reasons for this prediction are:

  • A huge increase in application and SaaS model of business is coming out to be one of the most powerful drivers of the increase in cloud technology. Many companies and start-ups have emerged recently and many are in the process of appearing in the marketplace.
  • The increased demand of managed services based on PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS is another powerful and effective reason for the increasing trend of cloud technology.
  • The increased public cloud services ecosystem has progressed very rapidly for the provisioning of both the technology and IT service by the service providers – thus a huge prospect is being anticipated in this domain of business based on cloud technology.
  • The exponential increase in the development of the cloud storage ecosystem and data center hubs has given new potential directions to the businesses based on cloud technology.
  • The increasing demand of mobile application development platforms based on cloud hosting technologies is another very powerful dynamic to drive the cloud computing technology faster.
  • The untouched field of “big data” is another important factor that will increase the use of cloud based technologies not only to manage the huge amount of data but also to extract the useful information and business intelligence data.

In the nutshell, it is expected that there will be a consistent increase in the usage of cloud technology and other technologies related to the cloud computing realm.


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