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As more organizations jump on the cloud computing bandwagon, many seasoned veterans will make their way toward a user-driven phase of cloud computing, while leveraging cloud models in various combinations to optimize benefits and efficiencies.

But which cloud models will spark the most interest among organizations in the market? According to IT industry association CompTIA, cloud computing has become a default part of the IT landscape, pointing to the growing use of storage, business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) and security solutions.

And after companies have implemented cloud systems into standard IT architectures, many will weigh the pros and cons of various providers to shift around in cloud environments, noted CompTIA Technology Analysis and Market Research Director Seth Robinson in his prepared remarks.

Robinson’s comments were based on a recent CompTIA study, which revealed that more than six in 10 cloud users have made secondary shifts of infrastructure or applications, following their original transition to the cloud.

“A healthy percentage of companies are moving from one public cloud provider to another, moving from a public cloud provider to their own private cloud, or moving applications back on-premise,” he said.

A growing cloud computing market could be the outcome of these various studies the cloud market, despite national, international concerns about the National Security Agency (NSA) PRISM surveillance program, a revelation that could cost U.S. cloud computing industry could lose $22 billion and $35 billion in total revenue by 2016.


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