Cloud Infographic: Insights Into Cloud Behavior


Cloud adoption decisions will be taken in the near future by employees who do not have an IT background. That is an interesting shift in the IT world! The main reason for this change might be that cloud adoption and implementation into the overall strategy of an organization and in different departments influences the activity of all employees, not only of those from the IT department.

Therefore, the decisions will be made by people with – different positions within a company and not necessarily by those having an IT background. SaaS based solutions for CRM, accounting and marketing solutions do not require hardware and software maintained by an IT department, so they are able to be managed from within the individual departments.

An infographic (below) courtesy of SilverSky weighs in with 200 U.S CIO’s and senior level security decision-makers on some of the merits, drivers and barriers of cloud computing adoption.

SilverSky- Infographic


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