You’re probably wondering why someone would choose Cloud hosting over regular hosting and the answer is simple. It’s normally to do with price. Traditionally, the cost of Cloud hosting is cheaper than regular hosting. Never has this become more important than of this time of austerity. Many companies and individuals started to compare services prices and value for money when it comes to hosting services. This is an important decision because hosting is generally a long-term investment and individuals and companies don’t like to chop and change their hosting company every month or every quarter, understandably.

Cloud hosting is an emerging trend that doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon and into prominence at the end of last year.

The main fundamental difference between cloud hosting and regular hosting is that cloud hosting spreads your content across multiple servers. This offers a wide variety of benefits and the best one is generally a lower cost.

With this lower cost brings scalability, since many servers can deal with different types of for you and traffic according to demand. So when one server reaches its peak another server takes over and in essence transfers the burden to another server. This is also the same if the server crashes. The other server can take up the slack.

The same cannot be said for regular hosting. Now, this may be an important consideration when choosing either cloud hosting or regular hosting.

Here Are Some More Benefits

Cloud hosting normally gives you the freedom and power to build computer resources whatever your needs. Now, these can even be scaled vertically or horizontally to me both demand of a small user to the very largest. Most Cloud services are designed for very high speed data storage and server management. This generally gives the user a far better uptime and general performance than a regular hosting supplier.

Ease of Use

Though regular hosting is the most popular of the types of hosting the people by today, cloud hosting is quickly catching up due to its ease-of-use and affordability. You could say that the market determines the service by choice with reference to the price.

You will also find that hosting companies prefer to use cloud hosting due to the low cost of supplying IT support services. Hence, the reason why they can host so cheaply.

Charging By Processing Power and Usage

Unlike most hosting services most cloud hosting services charge the client by how much processing power is used unlike regular hosting. Since this is the case, clients only pay for what they use and not a cent more.

As can be seen there are positives and negatives with both hosting services, but due to the price of cloud hosting in so much cheaper it is quickly gaining a reputation as the go to service for your hosting.

Whichever one you opt for is completely your choice, but remember, cloud hosting is gaining traction because of the low price offers the hosting company.


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