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The world of technology is doing wonders every now and then since many past decades –a few advancements here and a few there! So what does the year 2013 have in store for the world of technology? What are some Cloud computing changes that can be experienced in 2013? Who are the vendors that will be most sought after in 2013? And what technologies will be in vogue for the year 2013? Let’s see what some experts have to say about these significant changes and developments during the year.

Mark Eisenberg

This expert gentleman thinks that the Amazon Web Services (AWS) are off for a big win in 2013. He views Microsoft as the industry leader and talks about how it would continue its legacy in 2013. Also, he believes that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will continue to dominate the industry. He feels the industry would do much better if companies start adopting rather than sitting on the sidelines discussing.

Bill Claybrook

According to Bill, Software as a service (SaaS) will be something held in high regard by consumers in 2013. This will largely be attributed to the increasing importance of renting out software which would in turn resolve issues related to the centralized management and security. SaaS will be rampantly seen to be prevalent in the mobile industry. Moreover, it is expected that the SUSE will have a significant effect on the Linux cloud space in the coming years.

Dan Sullivan

Dan talks about how people would have an ever increasing variety in the world of technology. Google compute engine, HP and other similar companies getting into the business might be a sign for the existing players to create essential points of differentiation for themselves. Amazon and Microsoft are up for a great challenge as more and more customers try to establish their usage in terms of the PaaS, IaaS and the SaaS. Dan believes that there will be paramount emphasis on moving towards integrating and reforming. He sees Amazon continue to grow if it can effectively keep up an integrated ecosystem that could be worked on in collaboration with Workday, Freshbooks and similar providers. Companies would see an easy and uninterrupted provision of services through companies like OneLogin who would assist in the analysis and extraction of valuable data.

Cloud computing will be seen on a new front in 2013 with more information streamlined and competition soaring. We all can expect some tremendous things this year!


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