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Big name companies, including SAP (SAP) and Rackspace (RAX), have been pushing the market toward hybrid cloud computing to promote their own hybrid solutions, but how do CIOs respond to this growing approach to the cloud? According to a recent national survey conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of SAP AG (SAP), 75 percent of hybrid users believe their company’s IT processes are less complex after migration.

The need for hybrid computing can be seen by the percentage of CIOs interested in both cloud solutions and on-premise solutions. The survey revealed that 87 percent believe that cloud solutions are important to their businesses, while 83 percent assign similar importance to on-premise solutions.

The study also revealed that 67 percent of CIOs who are already leveraging cloud applications have already adopted hybrid tools to build cloud strategies that protect and leverage on-premise applications, while also offering business flexibility.

A need for a balanced approach can also be made for security aspects of a hybrid approach. A little more than half of the survey’s respondents said that on-premise computing is more secure than cloud, revealing that CIOs are hesitant to move all data to the cloud.

Rackspace continued to push hybrid cloud computing at the 12th International Cloud Expo in New York in the middle of June 2013, while SAP identified cloud computing as its main priority back in May 2013.


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