Do you know that you do not need lots of money to start your own small business?  In fact, a multibillion-dollar beauty products company started up in a garage, when an entrepreneur decided to use some of her grandmother’s beauty recipes to make up beauty products and sell them to her neighbors. Within a couple of months, she had managed to achieve a loyal clientele base. This was the beginning of Estee Lauder. The idea was to get people to know more about her brand, her top-quality products, and the will to sell her product to anybody who was even remotely interested in them. Estée Lauder used a really good marketing strategy – she had a number of her own products always present in her purse and did not hesitate to demonstrate them whenever she went out in public. In fact, she continued to bombard the rich and the famous with samples of her product. This was one way in which she was getting her brand name advertised and building up a brand name for herself.

It is not advisable to send your product to those who do not want them. Nevertheless, free samples, discounts, competitions, and one-plus-one marketing strategies are just some of the ways in which you can build up a really good client base.  Then, once they know that you are going to be giving them really good products and services, in keeping up with your promise of top quality and service, your brand will slowly and steadily be recognized and acknowledged as a force with which to be reckoned.

For all those people who are running their businesses on the Internet, it is necessary for them to go online often, and look for clients who are repeated visitors and buyers. Send them thank you notes, rebates, discounts, and incentives, with and for their future purchases. Look at the products that are comparatively more profitable, and concentrate on them. Give them value-added services at a lower rate than your competition. After all, you are a solopreneur. You are gaining the goodwill of a number of clients who are going to be serving as your unconscious brand ambassadors! Start small, and you are going to be surprised to see how fast your brand name is spread to people all over the place.



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