A Social Network Platform: Zoho Pulse

Zoho the inventor of business, collaboration and productivity applications has introduced a new social platform with the name Zoho Pulse. Zoho Pulse is designed with an aim to improve communication and collaboration all across an organization.

Role of Zoho Pulse as a Social Association Platform

For any business, collaboration and communication play a major role. As the businesses have become much more digital; so a number of solutions have been created for remote employees to make them continue their work and stay in touch. These solutions include discussion form, wikis, video conferencing; web conferencing and IM, most of these tools are singulars tools which have been developed by different developers.

This is the main reason for the launch of Zoho Pulse. It has been launched with an aim to create social network that integrate associated tools to provide employees an ease of working with their colleagues in an integrated and single digital platform.

Zoho Pulse’s Features are more like well-known social networks: Facebook, Twitter etc. In case of Zoho Pulse, users have access to a notification and activity stream, search function, private messaging, groups and colleague directory.

The real-time updates and posts from employees are shown via activity stream, and summary of current activities by employees are shown via notification tool. In addition to this, feature of Groups in Zoho Pulse allows users to work together in a private and closed setting.

With the help of Zoho Pulse, users can make use of group-centered applications, have group discussions via forums and can use Zoho Docs tool for work. For the search purpose, users can find an individual, activity or group stream by means of a keyword which might be location, department or username.

Role of Zoho Pulse as an Application Specific Platform

As users have come to embrace Zoho Pulse for communication, productivity and communication solutions, so the more collaborative additions have been made by introducing application features.

Users of Zoho Pulse will be able to incorporate this social network platform with other applications of Zoho like Chat, Wiki, Docs and calendar. Moreover, Zoho Pulse will allow its users to create their individual applications for a specific group or the whole company with Zoho Creator.  Examples of applications that have been created by Zoho Pulse users by integrating Zoho creator are database and education applications.

Availability and Pricing of Zoho Pulse

Zoho Pulse is easily available for users. There are three editions of Zoho Pulse: Free Edition, The Professional Edition of Zoho Pulse is available for $2/user/month and the Enterprise Edition of Zoho Pulse is available for $5/user/month. All these three editions of Zoho Pulse are also available for Android and iPhone users.

A large number of users can make use of Free Edition but they do not get the group support in that. The Enterprise and Professional Edition of Zoho Pulse have unlimited private and public groups and 500 MB of storage for each user. The Enterprise Edition of Zoho Pulse also takes in custom application by means of Zoho Creator.

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  1. Sathishkumar Chinnsamy 10 years ago

    ZOHO Pulse allows public groups in free version.

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