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The popular photo site denies being a security threat and says it’s trying to resolve the situation with Google.

Google’s Web site malware checker identified TwitPic as a security threat today, a classification that has the popular photo site baffled.

Instead of the usual archiving and sharing tools they are used to, users attempting to visit TwitPic today are being greeted by a message informing them that the site has been blocked because “visiting it now is very likely to infect your computer with malware.”

TwitPic denied on Twitter that it was a malware threat and said it was trying to contact Google to resolve the issue:

Working to fix the google chrome malware notice when visiting as this is not true or the case, trying to contact google

The Web giant’s Safe Browsing API is designed to protect its users from malware and other attacks. Google said in June that it finds about 9,500 new malicious Web sites each day, either innocent ones that have been compromised by hackers or sites built specifically to distribute malware or for phishing. It also said it sends several million warnings every day to users of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari about malware and phishing on sites the users are about to visit.


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