Are you a business owner or hiring manager? Always wondering what is the market rate of salary to compensate your employees?

Are you an employee? Always wondering what kind of salary you should deserve?

A special thanks to Johnson Tan, an experienced HR / Recruitment specialist and IT professional who has shared with us some of his market insights.

Salary guidelines of e-commerce and IT professionals in Malaysia

You can refer to the table below on the salary guidelines of IT and e-commerce talents in Malaysia:

 Position  Years of experience  Min annual salary (RM)  Max annual salary (RM)
Software Developer / Programmer 1 to 4 30,000 90,000
Software Engineer 1 to 4 24,000 84,000
Senior Software Engineer 5 to 9 80,000 132,000
Web Designer 1 to 4 30,000 60,000
Web Application / Team Lead 5 to 9 84,000 138,000
Product Manager 5 to 9 72,000 144,000
Project Manager 5 to 9 72,000 156,000
Project Manager 10 to 20 120,000 220,000
Executive 1 to 4 24,000 48,000
Senior Executive 5 to 9 48,000 72,000
Manager 10 to 14 72,000 156,000
Senior Manager / Management 15 and above 120,000 260,000

There are a few interesting observations for us, the first one being the difference between Software Developer / Programmer and Software Engineer. Software Developer / Programmer is fetching higher salary than Software Engineer, but what is the differences on job scope between these two?

According to Johnson, who is also the country manager for a HR & Recruiting software company, “both share similar job scope, it is just that by the name of Software Developer or Programmer, you might be able to fetch slightly higher salary”.

Technical skills are very IMPORTANT
If you look into the details from the table above, you will realize that talents with technical skills are generally fetching higher salary package.

For example, the maximum annual salary for a Software Engineer is RM84,000, while it is only RM48,000 for an Executive with similar years of experience. The definition of Executive here can be those in sales, business development, marketing and so on.

Web designer with maximum of RM60,000 per annum is also higher than the Executive’s RM48,000.

The different characters of Web Designer vs Web Developer

Similar can be said on a 10-years-experience Manager’s minimum pay of RM72,000, while a Project Manager with technical implementations is able to garner almost 67% more, with an annual package of RM120,000.

The conclusion is, always equip yourself with technical skills especially when you are just starting your career in IT or e-commerce industry. Besides coding or designing, it can also be some specialized skills like digital advertising, analytics and so on.

As long as you get your hands dirty, there is where you learn and grow the most.

As for employers, always remember that talent is one of your most important assets in the business, even more so when you are in e-commerce or IT industry.

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