Cost savings are typically seen as the greatest benefit of cloud computing for many organizations, which six in ten cloud computing customers admitting theyve reduced their IT capital costs, according to a study by Enterprise Management Associates.

Yet there are a host of other benefits to cloud computing, listed below:

1. Decreased Total Cost of Ownership
With cloud computing, organizations dont need to purchase expensive servers or systems and maintain them in-house. Plus, IT no longer needs to focus on the upkeep of in-house systems since the service provider handles maintenance issues, upgrades, patches and more.

2. Minimal IT Support
With a hosted cloud computing model, the service provider handles any issues that may arise, eliminating the need for maintaining a costly IT staff to support the infrastructure. Organizations can easily manage their account, often through a simple Web interface.

3. Business Continuity
Cloud computing keeps a business running even if an emergency or disaster occurs, without loss of data or service. Since company data and software doesnt need to be maintained on premise, employees can work and provide services wherever theres an Internet connection.

4. Scalability
Cloud communications is a highly flexible technology that can grow and expand along with a business by delivering the technology businesses need, when they need it.

5. Focus on your Business
Businesses no longer need to worry about excessive costs, ongoing maintenance, upgrades, associated staff and complex management with cloud computing. By freeing up these and other resources, organizations can better focus on their core business.

About Proxios
Proxios is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and is the business of IT as a Service (ITaaS). As a pioneer in the field beginning the cloud journey in 1999, we have proven knowledge and experience to move customer infrastructure to the cloud, freeing customers to do what they do best, driving real business value from the applications that help run your business. We provide a wide range of cloud services to our customers throughout the United States and Canada including telephony and collaboration, business virtual desktops, and application hosting.


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