Process Automation

Process automation is automation of the complex business functions and processes. Xclueisv is a proven leader in Business Process automation; we are professionals at understanding leading edge technologies as well as legacy. We work in creative, customized and objective manner to provide automation solutions to satisfy needs of our clients. Over the years, Xclueisv has automated a large number of processes for businesses; we have the expertise of automating sales processes, point-of-sale, supply chain and specialized in providing E-commerce solutions, applicant tracking, apps integration, and server management.

Sales Process

Every business needs to get things done in efficient yet quick manner; a great way to accomplish this is the automation of sales process. Xcluesiv have expertise in converting, engaging and attracting your sales pipeline through integration of Zoho’s Sales Force Automation solution.


In today’s highly competitive market, online retailers need to collect and apply information in an effective manner. Through the integration of Zoho CRM, Xcluesiv have been helping a large number of online retailers to improve control of their online businesses and save time.

Supply Chain

In the present customer-driven marketplace, an effective supply chain is imperative for business success. Xcluesiv’s solution of Zoho CRM integration helps you to eliminate your business processes, gain the desired visibility and remove inefficiencies in the supply chain process.


Whether you are expanding first time in the online marketplace or just providing more accessibility to your existing customers, making a customized ecommerce solution requires experience and knowledge. Xcluesiv have expertise to develop ecommerce solution that perfectly fit your business.

Applicant Tracking

For any business, HR is the most challenging part. Xcluesiv’s applicant tracking solutions improve hiring productivity with more effective processes of recruitment. We integrate an easy-to-use system-Zoho Recruit that helps your business track resumes, job openings and candidates more efficiently and quickly.

Apps Integration

Moving to cloud-based solutions or Google Apps bring a large number of benefits to the business in terms of agility and costs. Xcluesiv is dedicated to help organizations introducing Google apps into their existing systems. Depending on the different situations and objects of businesses, we provide Apps Integration Services.

Server Management

Every website you view on internet resides on a web server. Xcluesiv understand how important your server data is, so we provide an effectual, secure and safe backup system that carries on taking your data backups with unvarying intervals.

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