by Marc Carter

Valmet Automotive currently builds electric vehicles like the Fisker Karma, but at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the EV builder unveiled this crazy looking Dawn EV concept car. The Dawn EV is an low-slung roomba-esque electric vehicle that comes complete with a built-in wireless electric charging system.

According to Valmet, the Dawn EV concept “integrates both the component developer and integrator roles. Displaying the battery pack, drivetrain, control unit and charging options, it also shows what ultimately can be achieved in the world of electric mobility, by integrating solutions in an innovative fashion.”

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Unfortunately the details of the electric powertrain were not released, but one interesting feature is the wireless induction charging system located at the front of the Dawn concept. This system, which is still in development would do away with the electric cord that today’s EVs rely on.

Markus Hirvonen, Project Manager, Valmet Automotive stated, “For decades, automotive industry has leaned on highly standardized solutions. Now they are no longer applicable; the powertrain for example must be engineered for every EV model separately.”


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