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Picture this: your company has exciting news to share with customers, shareholders, suppliers and your target market. You’re launching a new product this week and it will be debuted at a popular industry event, sure to be attended by media, influencers and people who will want to buy YOUR product, just as soon as they learn about it.

You craft the perfect press release and send it to 1,000 of your contacts. Twenty of these people think this is such great news, they each send it to 500 of their friends, relatives and business contacts. Five of those people pass the news on to 250 of their contacts. Of course, these people are all fascinated, as you’ve been able to include pictures, a video, and they all received the message within hours!

Sorry, this type of viral messaging just doesn’t happen in real life… outside of Facebook, that is.

Facebook is fast becoming one of the most powerful PR tools on the web. Using Facebook as an online PR tool allows companies to increase their reach exponentially, getting in front of interested people with engaging content when and where they are receptive to the message.

A recent comScore study, The Power of Like 2: How Social Media Marketing Works, found that earned media exposure through Facebook amplification increases sales both online and in-store. Fans of brands spend more, but so do their friends, thanks to the viral nature of Facebook and the ability to more widely disseminate brand messages.

Many companies are doing this well, but we discovered a few standouts who are truly making the most of the Facebook PR opportunity. Check them out and see if taking a page from their book could help you generate buzz for your next newsworthy event or announcement:

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