By Patsy Stewart

Integrated Media Marketing is when you effectively integrate social media with traditional marketing. Here are 23 ideas for integrating Facebook and Twitter in PR, direct selling, customer services, advertising and sales promotions.

  1. Add Facebook Widget /plugins to website or blog
  2. Show Twitter stream on website
  3. Use buttons in footer, contact page and sidebar of  website
  4. Add Share/Like/Tweet buttons on products and content on website
  5. Include links on your business cards
  6. Include info in email signature file
  7. Add Facebook /Twitter to voice mail messages (office and cellphone)
  8. Include Facebook/Twitter info on invoices and receipts
  9. Incorporate Facebook/Twitter in radio and television commercials
  10. Facebook/Twitter to all printed brochures and catalogs
  11. Include info in newsletters
  12. Incorporate Facebook/Twitter logos in silk screen designs for t- shirts, canvas bags, umbrellas, hats
  13. Include Facebook/Twitter info on menus and place mats
  14. Include in proposals and RFP’s
  15. Add info to billboards
  16. Include Facebook/Twitter info with hours on storefront doors
  17. Add Facebook/Twitter everywhere you include a phone number
  18. Include on tradeshow displays
  19. Add to tradeshow giveaways (pens, notepads, rulers, etc)
  20. Add links to other social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Yelp, Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  21. Include links on PowerPoints and other presentations
  22. Include links on YouTube uploads using annotations Mail Catalog
  23. Remind customers to follow you when they call customer service lines

This is a pretty comprehensive list but I’m sure there are others.  Let’s build an incredible list, add your ideas in the comment area below.



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