ZTE to take cloud computing overseas

Selipha Kihagi| Humanipo

ZTE Corporation, one of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment companies, has plans to expand its cloud computing services overseas.

Reuters reports Zhu Jinyun, the company’s general manager for cloud computing and IT products operations, said it understands individual requirements and characteristics when it comes to data privacy.

“Nowadays, data privacy has become a hot topic,” said Jinyun. “But we understand that every customer has their own requirements and characteristics and we are always monitoring developments in the industry.”

The company currently offers cloud computing services only to major internet firms, telecommunication carriers and oil companies in China, and plans to take its business international.

Zhu added he was looking forward to a 10 per cent contribution from the cloud and enterprise business to the company’s overall revenues in the year 2013 which was up from seven to eight per cent last year.

Analysts have however, given warning of difficulties in terms of security, but ZTE has assured customers they need not be worried about security issues as it has not encountered any breaches yet.

“We have been in overseas markets for about 20 years and if there is a problem, we would have been discovered,” said Zhu.

The global market for public and virtual private cloud services is expected to grow from US$30.3 billion in 2011 to more than US$241 billion in 2020 according to research.


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