Zoho Sites- Transition in the History of Web Development

Recent data shows that in Singapore, many SMBs which do not have websites or unappealing websites are dismissing many sales and customers opportunities. In spite of the ever-increasing significance of online presence for businesses, many SMBs are not adjusting their strategies accordingly. The reason many SMBs give for not having a website is difficulty of maintaining a website in terms of software or coding knowledge.

Regardless of a business type, a website is a great platform that SMBs in Singapore can use to showcase their work. Zoho Sites is an easy-to-use, powerful, and cloud based web CMS that SMBs can use to develop and maintain attractive business websites without any need for hardware, coding or software knowledge.

Zoho Sites offers advanced collaboration, web-building and business specific tools that are mainly targeted for SMB owners.

Zoho Sites is very easy to use, one cannot get lost there; the only thing a user needs is the familiarity with the computer system and internet. The point-and-click interface of Zoho Sites is very intuitive; a user only needs to select the required item including switch fonts, size, color etc. and place it on the desired position of the page. A user can modify these items as per needs, and can do not need registration features for performing some of these actions. 


How Zoho Sites is the Best Solution for Online Presence of SMBs in Singapore?

There are so many features that Zoho Sites provides using which SMBs can make an effective online presence. However, some of the main features of Zoho Sites are as follows:

  • It is a free online website builder that takes few minutes to create an appealing website 
  • It offers theme customization, a user can select any built-in template and can make different versions of the same web design 
  • Zoho Sites provides an ease of building and integrating CRM forms into websites. Such forms can be used for various purposes such as feedback collection, online surveys, event registrations etc
  • Websites built using Zoho Sites can be easily integrated with Google Apps like Goggle Webmaster tools, AdSense, Analytics, and Search
  • Zoho-based websites are automatically optimized for small screens including tablets and mobiles 
  • Another great feature of the Zoho Sites is third-party and social media widgets integration. A user can insert scripts of third-party and tracking codes for the background, these can also be added in the header, footer or body 

Use Zoho Sites to Build your Online Presence

Zoho Sites is available in paid editions as well as in free editions. If you are running a small or medium size business in Singapore and want to create a professional website then make use of Zoho Sites for developing an effective web presence without writing a single line of code. Xcluesiv, being the first alliance partner of Zoho in Singapore can provide you consultancy and user training for Zoho Sites.

Role of Xcluesiv in Helping Businesses 


 Xcluesiv, the first Alliance Partner of Zoho in Singapore provides consultancy, training and implementation assistance for a wide-ranging set of affordable and highly effective cloud based software applications from Zoho including Zoho Sites, Zoho CRM, Zoho Reports etc.  Xcluesiv works with SMBs to understand their technological requirements, builds a plan, implements the Zoho’s solution and train different teams on proper use of the solution.


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