Cisco InterCloud Aims for Workload Portability in Hybrid Clouds

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New entry to the Cisco ONE platform InterCloud, which made its debut at Cisco Live! this week, is infrastructure software designed to increase the portability of cloud applications so they can be moved between various public and private clouds.

Cisco InterCloud Aims for Workload Portability in Hybrid Clouds

According to Rob Lloyd, Cisco Systems‘ (CSCO) president of development and sales, InterCloud will provide customers with a greater ability to build hybrid cloud environments. Customers can use InterCloud to get stronger cost efficiency by being able to seamlessly and securely shift apps between the clouds they use.

Portability is one of those topics that customers understand more and more. Many people in the industry talk about avoiding vendor lock-in and being able to make good business decisions around cloud apps. Channel partners can play a critical role in helping organizations make their workloads as portable as possible so they get the most benefits out of the clouds they are using.

Cisco is partnering with several cloud providers to ensure workload portability. Some of the cloud providers include BT, CSC/ServiceMesh, CenturyLink Technology Solutions, Virtustream, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Windows Azure.

“Now, as brokers of IT services, organizations can add value by dynamically combining, integrating and tailoring the delivery of cloud services—whether public, private, or hybrid—to best meet their business needs,” Lloyd said in a prepared statement.

Cisco didn’t specifically mention channel partners in its announcement, but considering the company’s interest in all things channel, it’s likely there will be opportunities for partners to work with enterprise customers to roll the technology out to provide added value in a hybrid cloud environment.

Cisco InterCloud has also been integrated with higher-level management frameworks including Cisco IAC and other solutions provided by Cisco partners.


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