XclueSIV Tailored Solutions: The Solutions to fit your needs

By Khawer Rabbani

We at XclueSIV Cloud Technology systematize and automate manual business operations through integrating sophisticated applications such as CRM, emailing, point-of-sales, inventory management, accounting, invoicing, e-marketing, project management and many others and creating systematic workflows to centralize complete business cycle for your unique business needs.

XclueSIV Tailored Solutions The Solutions to fit your needs

XclueSIV has been serving these types of technology solutions for businesses of all type and sizes in Singapore since year 2010. Our legacy is in high-quality service, technical competence, security, reliability, and long-term customer relationship.

The importance of and advantages of Tailored made solutions are well established. Some of the advantages include:

  •          It can be designed specifically to the user’s needs.
  •          It saves having to buy a piece of software that nearly does what you want, but doesn’t have all the facilities you need, and the trouble to make up the difference.
  •          Some requirements are so unusual that no standard software is of use.
  •          It is easier to get changes made and updates than with standard software.
  •          It can be easier to learn to use, as everything in it is relevant to what the user wants and there are no irrelevant part to confuse them.

Our team of professionals at XclueSIV Cloud Technology are dedicated to provide state of the art custom solutions to our valued clients. Following are the major areas in which XclueSIV offers its expertise.

  • ·         CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

o   ZOHO    (XclueSIV Cloud Technology is Alliance Partner with ZOHO CRM in Singapore)

o   Tailor-made Android Mobile Apps is another strong area for XclueSIV Team.

  • ·         Websites

The Areas in which the above mentioned expertise is being concentrated at XclueSIV Cloud Technology are:


XclueSIV aims to provide specific customized solutions to its clients covering all their requirements with no straying from the goal.



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