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ethiXbase is the world’s largest database for compliance and anti-corruption professional in every industry. The content and platform of ethiXbase have been established from the ground up with their customer’s specific needs. ethiXbase has a big name in the industry for providing time-saving and cost-effective solutions to individuals, governments, and companies. ethiXbase helps them with training, trending, monitoring, research and more.


logicactive.com has worked closely with ethiXbase for re-positioning its existence in the Ethics and Compliance industry. logicactive.com helped ethiXbase in redesigning their online presence, for providing a wonderful user experience to their customers. We helped them not only in website design and development; however also with payment system integration and easy to use online subscription module development. So, logicactive.com completely revamped the online presence of ethiXbase with user-friendly and trendy design which ultimately resulted in great success and massively increased their number of subscribers.

When you talk about online presence of a business, UX is an important term. The UX of ethiXbase website has played an important role in making it successful. The website of ethiXbase is based on Custom web theme and the web design is Responsive in nature. This responsive web design has made this website flexible to adapt to various screens. ethixbase.com can be accessed easily on all types of devices.

The UX of ethiXbase website is amazing as everything is so connected. There is an unswerving feel from the photography and colors used, to the development and transitions used for this website. In addition to this, easy navigation is always there. ethixbase.com is a perfect example of a well-planned website, when you will visit the website, you will enjoy every portion of it.

Get In Touch

A website is an online brand image, it must reflect your business properly, ethixbase.com complements with their business. The best part about this website is that it provides its users ability to fill out the “get in touch with us” form by simply scrolling down the page, without having to click on “load more” or “next” buttons.

Nowadays, you see single-page website everywhere, ethixbase.com has also made the best out of it for its homepage. On the homepage of the website; rich illustrations and big background images are being used to tell its story, and to get its message across clearly and loudly. Moreover, the website is not cluttered and you exactly know where you should be.


Headlines have plenty of impact on website visitors; it is the more impactful feature of the entire webpage. Large headlines and the use of colors have made the web design of ethiXbase much more interesting. Another interesting fact about this website is a smooth transition between pages rather than a hiccup in the process of loading as this makes a great difference for UX of your website.

The ethiXbase website is very creative and to a great extent innovative in its approach. There is an automated alert, once a user saves a search; if any new record is entered in the resource section matching to the user’s search, email is sent to that user.

On a website, call-to-action buttons serve a variety of functions. So, a lot of consideration is needed to make it achieve its aim. On the ethiXbase website, you will find bold and attractive call to action buttons that fit into the overall design of the website. For providing a great UX to your site visitors, call-to-action buttons are very important as the main purpose of these buttons is to make your visitor do something.


The importance of an effective homepage is never going to fade away as it is like the first impression of a website. The home page of ethixbase.com includes the main message of the website. Message hierarchy has been set in a great manner. When you visit the homepage of the ethiXbase website, you easily get to know about the main ideas and targets of the website.

As you will explore the other pages of the website, you will find that the logo of ethiXbase links from the homepage to each and every page of the website.

ethixbase social

Based on the major goals of the website, particular messages have been placed on every page like footer items which includes Resources, Get Help, ethiXbase Social etc.

Too much of anything is a bad idea, same goes for the text of a website. Visitors do not want to stay on those websites which they find crowded with text. The ethiXbase website is not over-texted; this makes visitors to easily read the content of the website. In addition, text is large enough to be read, and you can easily read the text without any effort.

The ethiXbase website contains bulleted lists that help visitors to get the main idea about their business. When you click on the “learn more” button from the homepage, a new page loads with lots of bulleted points that automatically grab your attention. This provides you an ease of reading and understanding those points in a fast manner, particularly for those visitors who skim through the content.

third parties

The visitor of ethiXbase website cannot leave without ignoring useful information that the website contains. Every month, hundreds of new records are researched and added to the website. The website has 41,000+ anti-corruption enforcement records, 150+ countries domestic anti-corruption legislation, 80+ countries domestic gift-giving regulations, 2000+ white papers & legal opinions.

To cut a long and great UX story of ethiXbase website short, the website is worth visiting for everyone. When you will visit this website once, you will feel like visiting this website again and again.


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