What Is Context Marketing? Is It Different Than Content Marketing?


Kevin Jorgensen | business2community

We’ve all heard the term content marketing. Content marketing is one of the fundamental mechanisms of inbound marketing, promoted by companies like Hubspot. But at Inbound 2012, Hubspot was also talking about context marketing. While not a new term, context marketing is something Hubspot hasn’t made a central part of its success formula in the past. So what is context marketing and why is it important?

First let’s establish that content marketing is the practice of writing educational, informative content, related to your product or service, which establishes your brand as the go-to resource for whatever it is that you do best. It attracts prospects. Hubspot’s massive content library on inbound marketing is a great object lesson on the effectiveness of content marketing.

What is Context Marketing?

Context marketing is a set of best practices designed to amplify the value of your content to your prospects and customers. More specifically it’s about using known qualities of your prospect to either present your content in a frame of reference so that its presence makes it natural, noteworthy and usefulor or to juxtapose your content so that it creates disonance – like the image in this blog – which would create contextual disonance no matter how it’s used!

Inception, a movie about the possibility of influencing reality by manipulating the subconscious, and one of my favorite movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio, uses context effectively in its storyline.  The way a dreamer recognizes manipulation is when characters or events in his dream are out of context. As with your marketing, being out of context has real and terrible results for the characters in Inception and being in context allows the characters to accomplish amazing things.



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