Web Design Arena: Square is Over, Circle is IN

Nowadays, you can find most of the web designs with circles in it. Web designers prefer to use it despite of the fact that these are not easy to design as compared to other figures such as triangles, rectangles and squares.

Web Design Arena Square is Over, Circle is IN

Web designers cannot assemble round shapes easily like other shapes, designing round shapes is somewhat tough for them. On the other hand, when you will think about the various circular shaped natural objects which are present in universe, you will surely have something positive and good about them.

Keeping this attractiveness of human beings for circular objects in their minds, web designers try to play with circular shapes in their game of design.


Brain Prompts for Circles

Circular shape appeals individuals as they can understand circles easily than objects and shapes with hard lines.  The eye is shaped to circle and the information that it contains. Human brain can easily process circular shapes as compared to hard-edged rectangles and squares.




Circles Blush your UX 

For a web design, circles are very much actionable. Web visitors are extremely impatient, as circles are easily understood and perceived, thus information present in circles takes less time of those impatient website visitors.

Even mobile users are more impatient than the computer users. They are on the move, busier, indulged in multiple tasks, and use their thumb or index finger to navigate their smart devices. They want instant information for their search. So, for the impatient mobile users as well, circles help to pinpoint the required information more efficiently.




Fingers love to click on Circles 

For the environment of responsive web, circles are considered as the suitable elements for the interfaces of touch screen. Because touch screen, smart device users tap their finger, thumb or slide their way to the required information, this makes sense to employ circular shapes in order to direct the users.

Circular shapes not just mimic the shape of the finger tips; we can also associate round and circular shapes with push buttons. When we see these buttons, our minds quickly process the needed actions.




Text Smartly Resides in Circles 

Circles are commonly used to provide information/data in websites. This is also convenient and attractive because text can be spaced nicely inside circular shapes





Circles have many other uses as well. Circular shapes are good for interface elements such as navigation in websites, and in mobile designs. Circular shapes are used these days to present stuff in a strange yet attractive manner.


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