UX Design – Significance for the Banking Industry in Singapore

In this article we are going to explore the trends of UX in Singapore and the significance of UX for the Singapore’s banking industry. UX not only applies to a website, though this feature is possibly the most significant of all the web designing features.
UX Design – Significance for the Banking Industry in Singapore
In a large number of developed countries, banking customers interact with ATMs, internet banking, mobile banking services etc, and Singapore is no exception. All these services rely on UX designs, if these designs would not be present, users would have to interact with technological –savvy devices.

In the earlier days, same as many other banking customers, Singapore’s banking customers had no option other than to step into the bank for all the information and services, which often was a harsh practice. Later, to get rid of these hassles, banks in Singapore adopted advanced technological systems in order to gain customer satisfaction; however how properly these systems are being used is another concern.

It is understandable that customer satisfaction is an important aspect for the Singaporean banking industry. Still Singapore’s banking industry face numerous issues concerning to retaining customers. The question is do the international banks also function as the banks in Singapore? How do they retain their customers? Is UX in Singapore’s banking industry is also playing a major role in retaining customers?

UX is related to psychology and sociology, balanced with business leads and architectural portion of demographics. As Singapore is a culturally diverse country, so while designing UX for Singapore’s banking sector; this factor must be considered.

Relating to demographic feature of UX in Singapore, employing the knowledge of demographic and functionality, UX designs should have pleasing and logical interface for better functionality.

Concerning to the knowledge of the functionality and knowledge of the demographic, UX designs for Singapore’s banking industry need to have best features for the demographic. These designs must allow unforeseen and expanded demographics to utilize it which must be as adaptable as for the targeted demographic. This means reducing the accuracy of targeted demographics merely with a margin, but to make certain plenty of spatter distance for the applicability of design.

UX in Singapore needs to consider psychological as well as sociological factors. For effective and user-friendly UX designs, Singapore’s banking industry must consider the large set of common individuals, who can be approached, in relation with the targeted demographics.

In order to best illustrate the technological lack, websites of Singapore’s banks are way behind as compared to the websites of international banks. In Singapore’s banking industry, not a single bank has set an example for user-friendly or effective UX design, whereas customers are seeking for much more human experience.

All the above mentioned concerns can seem unimportant; however, it is high time for Singapore’s banking industry to start considering their online mediums as an engagement medium and not as functional or transactional medium.

Banks in Singapore are into serious industry and banking customers are much more task oriented; however, there are some best practices of UX in bill payments, transactions that banks need to adopt in order to retain their customers.

UX designs for Singapore’s banking customers need to have simple user language and humanness; these designs must focus on background of user.


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