Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends Of The Future

Gregory Musungu | Cloudtweaks

Cloud computing as a technology trend has caught up fast in recent years. It has revolutionized IT in a way never seen before. It has clearly changed how the traditional software works for businesses. This has many benefits, considering many of the former models are rather physical, coupled with expensive licenses. Cloud computing is a dynamic technology and the following are some of the trends that experts and analysts have identified.

1. Cloud computing is scaling investment value

Cloud computing streamlines how software, business processes, and services are accessed. More than ever before, this is helping businesses scale operations and optimize their investments. This is not only through lower costs, efficient business models, or greater agility in operations. It has a lot to do with how businesses use it to optimize their investments. In the same breadth, businesses are scaling into more innovation with their IT capacity. This will certainly help them make more investments and draw corporate income.

2. The emergence hybrid cloud computing

Hybrid cloud computing combines local and cloud computing. Businesses are using cloud computing (both private and public) to supplement their internal infrastructure and applications. Experts predict that these services will optimize business process performance. The adoption of cloud services is a new development in business functions. Under these circumstances, scaling down on the strengths of both worlds will become a common feature, if it’s not already happening as it is.

3. Growing popularity for cloud-centric design

More than ever before, organizational design is incorporating cloud computing migration elements. This simply means the need for optimal cloud experiences is on top of the list of the companies that are adopting this technology. This is a trend that is expected to grow more as cloud computing expands into different industries.

4. Cloud services optimized for mobile

The future is firmly mobile, one way or another. The exceptional rise in the number of mobile devices— tablet computers, iPhones, and smartphones—comes into play here. Many of these devices are used to scale business processes, communications, and other functions. To make cloud computing useful to business owners and employees, the cloud is taking a ‘mobile’ approach. More cloud computing platforms and APIs will become accessible on mobile.

5. Security

Cloud computing security is one of the most documented cloud computing issues. People are worried about the security of the data they store in the cloud. Because of this, you should expect to see more secure security applications and techniques coming up. The number of new encryption techniques, security protocols, and so much more will grow in the future.


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