The Year Of The Cloud – Without Debate

Tyla Gillings| Cloudtweaks

Unlike last year, where Cloud success and expansion was greatly debated among the world of technology, this year will be the year of the Cloud and all it has to offer.

With bring your own devices or BYOD’s on the rise, enhancing device security will also have massive growth and effort put into it. Of course, device security will not be the sole focus for organizations. They will also, obviously, look to better security in both the private and public cloud sectors. Further, also with regard to security, this will also be the year that U.S. based cloud service providers or CSP’s will begin to see major competition from around the world. This is mostly due to the major 2013 security scandals based out of the U.S. One such example is that of Brazil and their attempts to keep cloud based info local.

Other aspects of the Cloud such as PaaS will also be more heavily focused on this year than ever as big wigs like Amazon Web Services continue to enhance and ensure the best of the business. This year it will be about specificity of PaaS for each and every client, suggests tech specialist Kaplan; only those with the most talent for providing real solutions will prevail.

As analyst Mathew from Alteryx quotes Andreessen’s once popular software is eating the world, he continues on to say that 2014 will be the year that analytics eats the world. Big data and analytics this year will become more valuable than ever, especially in the realm of marketing. Specialists will quickly learn how best to use the enormous amounts of data collected to provide valuable information to clients.

Larry Freeman, cloud analyst, also calculates that with the pressure on Cloud usage, performance, control and cost are all things to look for when shopping around. Even governments have turned to the Cloud for services; this may be just what the economy needed to tip the Cloud space usage iceberg over the edge. With that said, many are wondering which of cloud sectors – private or public – will triumph? However, it is thought that the Hybrid cloud services will most likely lead us through the year as companies will look to combinations of both worlds to best suit their needs in storage space, security and budgeting.


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