The need of evaluating the impact of wireless technology on our future

By Khawer Rabbani

The technology is an ever changing phenomenon; thus the mystery which man cannot resist remains the exploration of boundaries for this trend. Historically man has not been extremely successful in preemption and evaluation of his future dependencies on some or all technologies accessible at that time; the result of which is uncertain outcome and their effect on all the pertinent segments. Human nature of depending on the hit & trial methodology led to several new ways to come up with the finished and more improved goods or services for that matter. Now, when we are deep into the knowledge age and our dependency on ‘Information Technology’ (IT) is unavoidable there is a severe need for evaluation of its impact on our future as a whole.

The need of evaluating the impact of wireless technology on our future

Once you itch the giant called ‘IT’ it is very much expectable to get some retort from it. Like our love for the LAN over the years now our craving for Wireless connectivity is vastly escalating. Plentiful devices have penetrated our daily and business life which would drag us to INFORMATION no matter solicited or otherwise; Hand-held devices on one hand made life easy for human beings on the other hand they give a person Engage-at-All-times syndrome which eventually put unconstructive effects on a person’s social / personal and private life. Nevertheless, resistance is futile; we have to adapt to the great gift of intelligence and make the technology suit our comfort levels. In some parts of the world; there are live examples of how we have slowly and quietly deviated from the certain levels of technology to adopt and adapt the Wireless world. Telecom companies come to mind; this has worked ‘Both Ways’ for them. Where on one hand subscribers abandon landlines to go with hand-held devices with wireless connections with some counterparts / competitors on the other hand other telecom companies matched it by leaping ahead and coming out big in the world of Wireless technology providers, both ultimately benefited this country. Such positive impacts would not deter the factors which would still drift some people towards other solutions available.

Man has been able to effectively reduce the response time required for critical processes in scores of such tasks which necessitate instantaneous preparedness. Be it an Ambulance service or Aviation systems; Wireless technology is continuously found to contribute big time. Provided that the course remains the same it looks inevitable that this progressive route shall continue. One area which may be considered a bit vulnerable is the speed of penetration of wireless technology in to the different spheres of life. This fast speed may leave some bugs on the way which may hinder the effectiveness of man’s work in future. So, proper quality assurance in the field of wireless technology is indispensable. We just cannot depend of something which is not proved and re-proved to be dependable. So, the leaps towards the fast adaptation should be properly thought and calculated. It is also a good way to run on a parallel system for a reasonable period before letting the old horse loose. The level of confidence required to succeed shall be there if you have a 0% work and effectively loss during the transition. It would be almost inconceivable that in future a person would go for a laptop or any other device which would not support him / her in effective, prompt and paced communication. Communication is the Key; answer to the whole lot, it is only the mode that has changed with the passage of time.

Once we fall for the above statement it is again only realistic to expect from our manufacturers to concentrate on which they would potentially be able to sell; the wireless technology. With more and more of variety and choices available; the onus of success would automatically fall on the consumer / purchaser. It would be him who shall decide how to utilize the Wireless genie to his effect. It is likely that in future with the flood of response related queries in any and in all of the business of life would be satisfied in more efficient manner than today. One would not have to run to his PC to boot it up, to get some connection of the internet to check the required data transmission speed and then to do the task which he was supposed to do 15 minutes earlier. The availability of Wireless technology to the common man in the daily life would only ensure and uphill walk towards prosperity for any nation.

As they say, nothing in this world comes without a disclaimer; similarly the Wireless technology may play some funny games with Human Beings in future. Created by a creature; it is bound to do so. Wireless connectivity in one’s business life may be no less than a blessing for both ends but its presence in private life would hardly be welcomed by all. Some would argue that they shall be deprived of their privacy for which they yearn all day. But all these hiccups are easily avoidable; abandoning this blessing of Wireless technology due to such minor issues may be as big as technological suicide. Thus we can confidently put fore a point that this technology shall make man a better Manger of his resources and life as a whole. The positive effect of better management shall be there in his private life as well. It is a world of ‘Sharing’; has always been rather; but due to technology surge in Wireless industry sharing has become a means of communication recognized by businesses and private entities like Human Being himself. The level of sharing possible due to Wireless through plethora of devices already available shall make us be present everywhere we wish to be with our opinion, point of view. Platform may differ from country to country and nation to nation but the goal remains the same, ‘Effective and Immediate Sharing’.

Electromagnetism has given our lives warp; we depend on the ‘Unseen’ we depend on the ‘Untouched’, but as the world is we never look to get failed. Ever since the discovery of electromagnetic waves Human beings are swimming deep and deep in to it. If we research on the lives of our ancestors and forefathers; we shall find out the impact of RADIO on their lives in those days. Unevaluated of course but the effect is found to be a continuous fact; only the change is of generation. Wars or Peacetime, Happiness or Sorrow the Radio waves were their partners reaching them through huge and sophisticated RADIO devices. Similarly it can be safely evaluated that in future the presence of ‘waves’ in our lives would be like ocean; it shall be 100%. You take any other area like Sports or fine arts. Any sports event like World Cups or Olympic Games now separately concentrate on reaching their fans and followers through their hand-held devices. Even the TV sets have become obsolete these days. Only due to the Wireless phantom. Many researches and scientists argue that it is not possible to predict the impact of Wireless technology on future accurately; well what’s important is to ‘Evaluate’, the accuracy shall come through time. Readiness to handle that accuracy is what one should look for by these predictions.

If in today’s world one feels that we are all wired one way or the other; than in future it shall be a great contribution towards minimization of Wired Pollution all around us. What is not visible may not affect our nerves that much; resulting on our increased productivity and relaxation levels. After all God has full Wireless environment for us and for our soothe. Moving towards a natural solution by adopting the Wireless atmosphere may have its hidden excellent effects on our lives as well. Take any area like Air Travel; when we travel and have to spend some time at a stop-over we immediately look for a Wi-Fi enabled location at the airport; it shall only be helpful if such environments are available throughout the Airports around the world. Communication and prompt communication when required may be the biggest bridge builder between any two parties.  Remember the older days when we struggle to get an internet connection which does not disconnect while we check our e-mail; now in 2010-11 we take our internet connection in our pockets in the form of Wireless Internet Devices. It is very much possible that in future we may not even have to carry a medium with us all the time. So a medium like a Laptop Computer which is not linked to Wireless saga directly shall also progress due to its requirement for hop on to the Wireless band. We can safely evaluate that by such indirect contributions Wireless technology may become the next big thing of the future world.

Intelligent wireless devices are already playing an important role in the world of transportation; you need not to be acquainted with any area; thanks to wireless GPS which would assist you like any trained chauffer. In future more dependence on the Wireless technology would help eliminate the chances of having accidents involving wires and cables e.g. Short Circuit, Current Shot etc. Therefore, it is vital that this technology gets the nod of the common people and civic association for a welcomed adoption of the same. Technology is infectious, it escalates itself all the time you try to utilize it. Wireless technology would facilitate the development of more efficient goods in all the industries. Failures shall be met with successes immediately. Manpower shall be more manageable. Economies shall become technology-centric if not already; due to flow of Wireless tools. Roads are built around the world to have effective communication; once they become operational need of Wireless connectivity increases for them. Better managed highways; better managed trade and transportation. In future more and more Wireless infrastructure projects shall be launched as they would really be the starters for every other kind of project in line.

Due to the current ‘Terror’ related challenges the world is facing more and more concentration is being given to the fool-proof and zero-tolerance Wireless systems that can even penetrate in to the other more weak Wireless system which its waves come across. All the wars are being found on its dependence, be it Drone attacks in any part of the world be it satellite or terrestrial imagery; so it is only natural to predict more and more usage of this stunning technology in our future years. Cell phone is a beautiful example of being connected to the WHOLE WORLD and that is too at ALL TIMES; making us feel important and required which we may not at all times; therefore it can be said that this technology secretly contributing towards building human being’s self-esteem. Some may argue that it is an exaggeration but once we connect every bit available which gives us sense of connectivity we shall reach at the same conclusion. iPhone; where a war of multimedia is being fought is another such example which has contributed towards development of sister and child software and hardware for the mother hardware which keeps you connected without threads. Be it any other hand – held device like BlackBerry which keeps you away from your laptop or desktop home for days just because it fulfills your connectivity requirement in a wireless way. A constant growth is seen in all these and many more devices sharing the same technological wisdom.

Having explored all the above I would strongly and sagely put forward a case of complete success of this technology in outlook. There may be limitations to such success though; spreading from financial implications for adoption to psychological resistance of a person; in generic  constraints apart, Wireless would become the way to live in future years; connection to the people, organizations and challenges of your choice AT ALL TIMES is big enough attraction to become an addict of this technology. I would end with the words of a great scientist Albert Einstein in which he gave his nod for the every celebrated technology; “The wireless telegraph is not difficult to understand. The ordinary telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull the tail in New York and it meows in Los Angeles. The Wireless is the same, only without cat.”  So, I reckon in future years this Cat shall be entirely detached.


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