Singapore telehealth startup MyDoc gets funding to tackle silver tsunami

In Singapore and many parts of Asia, technology is seen as a solution to the region’s aging population. Singapore startup MyDoc is right in the mix: it offers a web and mobile service where patients can consult doctors online and seamlessly share their personal health data. It hopes that would result in lower healthcare costs.
Singapore telehealth startup MyDoc gets funding to tackle silver tsunami
The startup recently announced that it has attracted investors. It completed an early stage funding round of an undisclosed amount led by August Capital Partners, a venture capital fund based in the same country. Spring SEEDS Capital, a Singapore government-related fund, also joined the round.
Founded by doctors Snehal Patel and Vas Metupalle, MyDoc aims to be as inclusive as possible, even catering to people with chronic diseases. While existing IT systems are serving the same purpose as MyDoc, they suffer from low adoption due to being overly complex, claims Patel. MyDoc has features designed for both patients and healthcare professionals. Patients can keep a record of their data and share them with doctors.
The data is then visualized so that it is easy to digest. It collects data from wearable devices. And lastly, users can communicate and consult their doctors right from the app. On the other end, doctors can monitor patients in a non-intrusive manner and easily view their data anytime.
The app also has a billing system in place. The end result is that it “helps to lighten healthcare providers’ workloads and save transportation time and costs for patients,” says Patel. The MyDoc app is available for iOS and Android phones.


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