Retail & E-commerce

Retail & E-commerce

At Xclueisv, we offer online, feature-rich and secure retailing solutions to organizations which can be integrated with leading CRM, point-of-sales and accounting systems. Every e-commerce retailer needs an exclusive selling platform; we design e-commerce platforms to suit the specific needs of retailers. We launch your retail and e-commerce business into the world of online shopping, helping you sell more while effortlessly integrating your back office into a centralized system. Right technology platform is of paramount importance for your business, we develop latest technology based e-commerce platforms to enable our clients develop new revenue streams, access new channels and optimize opportunities of sales from online marketplaces.


Success Stories

Challenges was seeking ways to strengthen their business by developing a new e-commerce system. The client had lots of ideas about how to serve its customers better using the online store; however a robust and up-to-date e-commerce system was needed for online purchasing of bikes with accessories. They needed an effective system for customers to pay for their online products and easily track those payments. In addition to this, for effectively managing customer and sales pipelines, they needed a CRM system and integration of that system with a shopping cart solution to have detailed and accurate information of their customers.


In order to execute their e-commerce retail store plans and meet their objectives, selected Back Check Tech. We delivered a shopper-friendly and scalable e-commerce solution. The expectations of user account security and speed was satisfied by us through the development of a user login system that speed customers to the front of a checkout line with as little as one click. Payment gateway integration was needed to give their online store more and more online business; so we integrated a secure, safe and hassle-free online payment system. For helping them to keep up-to-date records of customers, all at a single place, we deployed Zoho CRM that pulls all the contacts, invoices and products inside it to improve workflow and business optimization. We integrated Zoho CRM with an open source shopping cart solution, to help them in effectively managing and recording their customer relationships. In order to further streamline their customer relationship management process, we integrated a system that provides them an ease of handling and managing customer calls via CRM.


  • For, what resulted with the successful development of an e-commerce system by Back Check Tech was a website that increased sales in the competitive market
  • Online payment system integration streamlined their order-to-cash process by making it hassle-free and also helped in improving the satisfaction of their clients
  • Deployment of Zoho CRM, integration of payment gateways and Zoho CRM improved sales and customer management for They can have a consolidated view of orders, customers, revenues and inventory.