New HR platform for SMEs in Singapore

The Singapore government is planning to ramp up support for HR functions in SMEs so that they can “focus their limited manpower on their core functions.”

New HR platform for SMEs in Singapore

In a speech on Monday, Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State for Trade and Industry launched a new programme to this effect, starting on April 1st.

Along with its industry partners, Spring Singapore, the agency under the Ministry, will set up a common pool of HR solution providers for micro enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to tap for their HR needs.

“Participating SMEs can benefit by outsourcing their administrative HR activities, so that they can focus their limited manpower on their core functions,” Teo said.

He also announced the launch of a shared e-commerce platform, which will benefit SMEs who want to go into e-commerce but are unable to afford the initial outlay.

Teo added the target is for each platform to have 50 companies enrolled, and elaborated on how the government is looking into how it can support the human resource needs of SMEs in Singapore.

This involved helping companies foster a positive workplace culture and increase employee engagement.

“To improve employee engagement, we need to raise the quality of leadership and management within our companies, especially SMEs.

“Research has also shown that well-run companies are more productive. In this regard, many SMEs have tapped on grants like the ICV and CDG to raise their HR capabilities,” he said.

With all these schemes available,  he stressed on the need for SMEs to “take the lead and strengthen management”.

“They must recognise their workers’ skills, value and train workers.”


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