Just Like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Can Use Cloud Computing to be More Powerful, Says Sony

Sebastian Moss| Playstationlifestyle

This generation there has been a lot of debate over which console has better specs – the PS3 is more powerful on paper, but the impossibly complicated Cell chip and low RAM means that most of that power is never tapped by third party developers.

Next generation, however, as both consoles have opted for PC-like architecture, everyone can see which console is more powerful – the PS4 beats out the Xbox One in several categories, most notably the significantly faster RAM.

But Microsoft has been touting a solution to address the issue: Cloud computing. Although some tech pundits have questioned the legitimacy of Microsoft’s claims, cloud computing will allegedly allow for the Xbox One to triple in power, and increase further over time.

Well, according to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shuhei Yoshida, the PlayStation 4 can use technology and offload processes that are usually handled locally to the cloud, telling Polygon that “of course” PS4 developers will be able to use cloud-based computing.

“Linking, matchmaking… there are already many computations being done on the cloud side,” Yoshida said, but added that there are limitations to what can be done on the cloud due to latency and bandwidth.

Of course, the Xbox One essentially forces its users to have broadband and a near constant internet connection meaning that developers know they can use cloud computing without segmenting the audience. When asked whether the lack of such restrictions would mean that the PS4′s cloud-based computing technology would face issues of adoption, Yoshida said: “No.”

On top of cloud computing, 2014 will see the release of Gaikai in the US, allowing for cloud-streamed backwards compatibility.


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