How Zoho CRM can Help Small Businesses in Singapore

In Singapore, there are many benefits of shifting towards Zoho CRM for small as well as for large businesses. Small business owners in Singapore can embrace CRM solution of Zoho for reliability, flexibility and cost advantages.

Small businesses in Singapore that are not ready to adopt CRM solution of Zoho must have exposure to wonders that CRM product has brought for them. Zoho CRM can provide ease to small businesses to fit in their budgets and meet their needs than ever before. The advent of CRM product of Zoho can eliminate the budgetary entry barriers for small businesses.  The proliferation of CRM solution can provide small business owners with extensibility and exceptional quality.

In Singapore, a large number of small businesses need Zoho CRM as a way to go. This will not only provide them with fast software only; however, it will also avoid the direct cost of setting up computing infrastructure that is needed to support on-premise CRM.

Zoho CRM- Why to consider it a Blessing for Small Businesses in Singapore


Lead Generation: Hassle for Small Businesses in Singapore

In Singapore, small businesses are seeking openings to win sales with the help of competitive advantages. Small business owners in Singapore need to know that leads can provide them with competitive advantage.

Leads are details collected about a representative and individuals of an organization.  Lead generation play an important role for sales and marketing department of an organization. In addition to this, leads can also help in identifying potential clients.

In order to be effective, small businesses in Singapore need to have proper channel to collect and manage leads at the initial stages of their sales process.

Zoho CRM can provide them with a unique solution for lead generation. CRM solution of Zoho can provide small business owners in Singapore with automatic lead generation. These small businesses can take the best out of CRM application by using leads to epitomize their business and individuals that they are in contact with.

Small Businesses in Singapore can be at Ease of Lead Conversion via Zoho CRM 

Once the collection of leads gets completed, it becomes essential for small businesses to manage them until those leads meet the requirements of the potential customers. In Singapore, small businesses are considerably impacted by the approach of their sales department towards managing leads.

As Good housekeeping has become a major element of CRM for small businesses. So, in order to be effective, small businesses in Singapore need to adopt effective housekeeping approach as an initial step towards a successful business.

With the help of Zoho CRM, small businesses can convert leads to Contact and Account once they reach a proper stage of their sales process. This can help them in knowing their contacts and accounts are only individuals that have showed interest in their business, and can track their prospective pipelines.

CRM product of Zoho can Help Small Businesses in Singapore in Keeping their Pipeline Full

The major objective of the small businesses is to focus on keeping their sales pipelines full. In Singapore, small businesses looking for managing their sales pipelines must embrace CRM solution of Zoho for getting considerable benefits out of it.


Grading of potentials with the help of Zoho CRM can help small businesses in making an accurate sales pipeline and to easily line-up their tasks. CRM product of Zoho has all the major CRM elements for Potential Stages, small businesses only need to customize this in parallel with their sales processes.

Small businesses owners in Singapore can control their sales pipelines via Zoho CRM to run their business in a better way. This feature of CRM solution will provide them with an opportunity to expand their business.

Zoho CRM can help Small Businesses in Singapore to combine their Marketing Tactics with Sales Activities

The marketing essence is to understand needs of customers and to develop a plan to surround those needs.  In Singapore, small business owners need to face that as there is a need for them to expand their businesses.

In Singapore, the only way in which small businesses can expand and grow their businesses is by emphasizing more on their organic growth.

CRM product of Zoho can help these businesses in creating a well-rounded plan to combine their marketing tactics and sales activities. They can settle all the Contact and Account fields that are relevant to their business and can control them for their business activities.

CRM solution of Zoho helps businesses in managing reports and stats. Without these reports and stats small businesses cannot be sure of their future directions. The CRM solution can help small businesses in Singapore to analyze marketing and sales trends and major metrics of CRM via reports and dashboards.

Zoho CRM can fit in Different Small Businesses of Singapore

CRM product of Zoho can be helpful for a large number of small businesses in Singapore as it can be customized as per business process.

Customization features of CRM application of Zoho can help small businesses to get a system that works for them. With the help of this CRM application they can create custom fields for reporting, daily activities etc. In addition to this, this product of CRM by Zoho can provide small businesses with an effective tool of managing their customer-related activities.



In Singapore, small businesses can enter into a golden age by embracing Zoho CRM. The use of CRM application of Zoho can provide them with effective business operations without considerable initial costs and without the need for spending on on-site software and staff.

How XclueSIV in Partnerhsip with Zoho is Helping Businesses

With an aim to provide our customers with high quality cloud services, Xcluesiv has made an alliance partnership with Zoho in Singapore. As a first Alliance partner of Zoho in Singapore, Xcluesiv has been providing consultancy, deployment and training to small and medium sized companies for CRM and other cloud applications such as Reports, Projects, Campaigns and others.



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