Think before buy Domain and Hosting

Want to open your personal website or organization web site? Well, firstly you need to choice and register a domain name. Secondly, you need web space to host your domain.

There have thousands of company for services Domain and Hosting in the world. However, not all provide good service for customer. Many people purchased the domain name and hosting without any estimation. And they are frustrated of Service! So, you should think before buy domain and hosting.

Think before choose a domain:

1)      The domain name should be easy

2)      Choice .com or .org or .net as your website type

3)      Choice domain name with easy spell

4)      Should be an euphonic name

5)      If possible, try to keep a small domain name

6)      Remember that, should not be matched to any other established company or website name. it’s make confused to visitor.

Think before choose hosting:

After registering your domain name, you should buy a web space to host your domain. Your domain is valueless without hosting. So, need to think before buy hosting

1)      Budget:

Choose a hosting under your budget. Set your budget must be realistic!

2)      Disk space:

Calculates the space, how much space will need to your website. If you want a personal web site so that only few pages, you will be need 200-500 MB disk space. I suggest you to take a minimum disk space for certain time. If required, you can upgrade your package or disk space at any time. Each company gives this opportunity to their customer.

3)      Up time/SLA guarantee:

Uptime/SLA is an important thing. Your website will run as long as your server is active. So, check uptime/SLA before purchase hosting.

4)      Money Back guarantee:

Many company gives money back guarantee offer to their customer. Make sure, your company will return your money if you do not like their service.

5)      Server Load:

Ask your company about their server processor core. If their processor core is 8 and the server load is above 8, then the server is overloaded. Please override this type of server provider. If you take your host this type server, your site will takes more time to load.

Hope, this will help you to choose your domain and hosting



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