How To Brand and Grow Your Company Through Marketing


Companies want to grow. Obvious statement, right? This is the reason why we all have jobs as marketers; companies need to grow and they need people who understand how to do that.

I have a startup client who uses this as one of their mantras:

I think it’s true. Today I want to talk about how small businesses and startups can grow their brand company through smart marketing even when they don’t have a huge budget.

Let me also say that I have stopped telling companies “Oh sure, we’ll get you ranking for (insert keyword here),” because that’s a small-minded approach to marketing and growing a company (especially a startup). I now tell startups to focus on growing their branded traffic, because that is ultimately how you get links, mindshare, and win online. This advice has only increased since the Penguin and Panda algorithms started rolling out. We’re not seeking to trick or game the search engines; we’re seeking to build brands online.

Here are a few ways to build branded mindshare.

Produce content

As Will Critchlow said in his SearchLove presentation (embedded at the bottom), you don’t have to have money, but you do have to have one of these:

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Balls (aka take risks)

Often, what you need to do first is establish your thought leadership, and that is done through content.

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