Growth of Cloud Computing and ERP Continues to Accelerate

Lana Bandoim| Technorati

Cloud computing is getting another boost thanks to Arista Networks’ announcement of a new data switch. The New York Times reports on May 1 that the updated technology will allow for 10 gigabits of data to be moved per second. The switch could lead to better computing centers and is positive news considering the immense growth of cloud computing in recent years. It is being heralded as another step forward for the future of enterprise cloud services.

The news of a better data switch comes at the same time as growth accelerates for enterprise cloud computing and ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. A recent survey highlighted by Automation World notes the link between lower annual sales and the lack of an ERP system. Even this limited industry survey, with a strict focus on manufacturing companies, reveals that 22 percent of the businesses were already using a cloud ERP system and seeing better results than the companies without it.

More companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of the cloud, but there is still a lag in education. However, the growing interest in cloud computing and cloud ERP software is leading to more businesses offering courses for training. Acumatica, a provider of cloud ERP software, recently revealed it has started the Acumatica University learning system. The company offers courses, videos, exams and surveys that are accessible from any computer or mobile device. Acumatica University has 65 courses that provide training about cloud ERP products.

Cloud computing may be getting faster, but some businesses are still falling behind and not adopting the new technology. This is why ERP providers are starting to offer training courses to help more businesses become comfortable with the advancing technology and allow them to stay ahead. A recent study found that 54 percent of surveyed businesses were using some type of a cloud, so acceptance is improving.


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