Emerging Technologies: The world of revolutionary mobile apps

The world today is far better than old times. Gone are the days when one had to wait for ages for the response of a once upon a time sent letter to a loved one living far away. Similarly, people travelling long journeys never had those privileges like the people of today.

Emerging Technologies The world of revolutionary mobile apps

Why is this??

It’s because of the introduction of mobiles. Today, mobiles are just not gadgets they are more than that. The smartphones now actually keep people on the go with their family, friends and work.

These smartphones companies are consistently striving to make these phones more revolutionary .Now, we just don’t use a phone for sending or receiving texts or answering and making calls it’s more than that.

Smartphones have replaced calendars, stopwatches, alarm clocks, torches, planners etc just to name a few.

How they revolutionize businesses/organizations?

Mobile apps or as we call the mobile commerce has helped build an online on the go community for businesses and organization alike. Let’s look at a few as to how

Let’s explore categorically;

Social apps:

Services from the likes of Facebook speed the process by helping developers find and target audiences, and, hopefully, lead to mounds of money. Mobile developer services have evolved, too. Facebook, for instance, offers a platform for developers to churn out mobile apps quickly. Whatsapp has certainly gained and continuing to gain more subscribers as compared to the various mobile wireless networks. Viber has surely eliminated the need for a cellular network. Working only on IP addresses this technology has gone far than expected.

E-commerce apps:

E-bay and amazon.com sites are amazing in their way. They simply have no infrastructure i.e. no office, no paperwork etc. They just use the cloud technology and provide their users a platform to interact buy, sell and swap.

While mobility has come a long way in a short time, growing pains are far from over. As mobile companies consistently try to wrestle with the ever growing demand of newer and better technology similarly, businesses continue to struggle with juggling everything be it from real time sell offs to grabbing online customers. In a nutshell, these and more apps if on one hand have made the life of businesses easier in terms of connectivity they have made it more difficult for companies to retain customers as now the customer has a broad area to explore.

To tackle this issue, companies are working on developing CRM solutions to help manage better their target markets. Our team of professionals at Xcluesiv Cloud Technology are dedicated to provide state of the art custom solutions to our valued clients.


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