E-commerce Industry- Designing Trends in Singapore

E-commerce industry of Singapore has been developing rapidly. This development reflects not just the increase in the number of e-commerce websites; however, also a drift to adopt patterns of interactive designs that are common in a large number of countries and apply user experience trends specific to Singaporean websites. On the other hand, it is important to know that what particular trends and drifts have emerged in the e-commerce industry of Singapore.
E-commerce Industry- Designing Trends in Singapore

Home Pages of E-Commerce Websites are Less Crowded and More Organized

In Singapore, this is the case particularly for those websites that are designed for younger generation. For instance, the largest Qoo10 website, it is a huge marketplace that is offering a large range of products including gadgets, clothes etc.

Qoo10 has organized its product information in a manner that conforms to expectations of Singaporeans related to shopping.

These types of websites do not follow the strategy of placing a bulk of items on the observable areas, which was the trademark of previous Singaporean websites. In its place, to deliver a sense of sophistication and fashion, big size images presenting promotion and featured products information mainly occupy the home page, same as effective western websites.



Use of Simple Style

The reason for less-crowdedness of many Singaporean websites is that they have adopted the simple style that is common in the western websites.

The advantages of embracing this simple style might be seen in a large number of Singaporean e-commerce websites, like fashion portals Kwerkee/ Reebonz which have structured home pages, thus contents are only displayed in a particular area.

In the previous days, product pages that integrate large amount of borderless tables or white space were used to be considered as incomplete or odd. In the recent times, these types of elements are used as advanced web designing methods for e-commerce websites.

Color Scheme with Low-Saturation

Earlier in the Singaporean e-commerce industry, websites were famous for their use of highly saturated colors; however this is inception to change.

Websites that offer fashion related items are choosing low-saturated colors. For instance, a well-known website Clozette.co is famous for the use of brighter colors used to make pricing information prominent, whereas leaving a large part of the background areas with natural color tones like light blue or white.

Use of Change-on-Hover Images

As eye-catching floating images and animation are still common on the Singaporean portal sites. Largely, such fleshy features are not present in most effective e-commerce websites. As an alternative, the change-on-hover images are being employed.


Those organizations which are looking to make Singaporean version of their websites must consider these latest designing trends in order to create instinctive interfaces as per user’s needs and expectations.


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