Create Changes on the Fly with Axure RP

In the present times, interactive wireframing and rapid prototyping has become the modern industry trend for IA and UX applications, and this is not difficult to see why. The ease of implementing boxes and arrows as well as the ability to smoothly create interactive elements makes it simple to convey our ideas in an accurate manner, without the need of pushing a single pixel.
Create Changes on the Fly with Axure RP

With the advancement in the rapid prototyping, various applications have been emerged including Pencil, OmniGraffle, HotGloo, Mockingbird, and Balsamiq. But, what leaves all these behind is Axure. Axure is great software that works of UX designers throughout the process of development. Axure enables them to make interactive prototypes easily and quickly. It has a simple learning curve that enables designers to accomplish their UX designing tasks.

For widgets placement, Axure makes use of drag and drop. Masters, which is more like a Photoshop’s smart object, allows you to develop persistent features. Once you develop these features, you can use them for future page as well. If required any change, you will not need to bring change in each and every feature. You will only need to change the single one, rest will get changed automatically.

Often, web designers design websites which involve a lot of movement; so, designers find it difficult to demonstrate and explain it to clients without building a demo of work in Javascript, CSS and HTML.

Axure tools allow web developers to make use of Dynamic Panels for building simple animations. In addition to dynamic panels, variables can also be added which can be accessed and set on several different events. This helps in making an interactive wireframe.

With the help of Axure, changes can be made on the fly. Widget section provides each and everything that is needed. Axure comes with default sets of wireframe. In addition to this, some free sets can easily be downloaded from the Axure community.

Axure has a great tutorials and community that help developers and designers in building their first prototypes. Uncountable tools of Auxure help in drawing wireframes and linking them together. Rich interaction can easily be prototyped using Auxure that are sensitive to inputs of users.

Designers and developers mainly not just need screen images, demonstrating how a design solution looks, however also documentation that contain the widget behavior and sizes of form-field. When creating design in Axure, designers can relate interactions and annotations with the screen items. These can be defined by user-either by typing details in the field of free-text or by choosing items from the drop down list. Thus, the Axure tool has made the describing process as simple as possible.

Rapid prototyping has been a great benefit for all web development companies. It makes them capable of communicating more effectively in a cost-effective and time-effective manner. Axure provides fast wire framing with sufficient flexibility for all types of interactions and interface layouts.


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