Consulting Firms

Consulting businesses face the challenge of improving the alignment of their staff while successfully delivering projects on time, Back Check Tech’s feature-rich online solutions cover the consulting business needs, our orderly interface allow you to manage your consulting business trainings and events without getting into you way. We provide consulting businesses with comprehensive platforms including features of online registration, online payment, online management of training sessions etc.

Consulting Firms

Success Stories


Book Keeping Lamb is one of the famous consulting firms that provide accounting services. For managing their services online, they needed a website. They did not need a complete e-commerce solution rather a website with payment gateway, project management and invoicing features to easily maintain the accounts of their clients, upload monthly statements for their customer, and charge their customer by per task/project, or monthly or retainer basis.


To accommodate their web presence needs, Back Check Tech developed a website containing all the desired features. We developed a user-friendly web portal for their clients for providing them an online access to account information. For catering online bookings of their clients, we developed an online reservation system for selling and promoting their services online via their own website. We developed a system for automatically generating client invoices and integrated a PayPal system with it. This system first receives PayPal payments from clients and then creates invoices. We integrated a Zoho CRM with their website to set up the basis of their business, expand their online operations and to consolidate their support, marketing and sales efforts. For providing them with an ease of managing projects online, we integrated Zoho Projects. They can now have a world view of all of their in-progress projects. In addition to this, we also integrated Zoho Invoice for providing client’s invoice management, tracking of expense and many other reports.


  • With solution provided by Back Check Tech, Book Keeping Lamb got system for storing invoices of their clients in their website
  • The development of the online booking system eliminated the hassle of under booking and overbooking
  • The integration of Zoho CRM now makes them to successfully market their business, capture and convert online leads into sales