Cloud Computing Integration On the Rise

Marissa Tejada| Midsizeinsider

Cloud computing integration is easier than ever, according to new research that found more businesses are confident about the adoption and use of cloud services within their information infrastructures.

Less Concern

Both business and IT professionals don’t have as many concerns as they had in the past about integrating the cloud with their operations, according to Saugatuck Technology’s “2013 Global Cloud IT Adoption, Use and Benefits Survey,” featured in Information Management. Half of respondents reported being concerned about security and privacy issues.

The research firm concluded that the cloud has evolved from an experimental technology to a mainstream technology, and the need for cloud integration will continue to grow over the next five years. At many organizations, according to Saugatuck’s findings, IT leaders are making it a priority to implement cloud solutions due to its proven economic and productive benefits. The research predicted that within the next three years there will be an increased need to integrate cloud services with current IT. Within five years, there will be a great demand for pure cloud computing solutions and cloud-to-cloud integration.

Midsize Cloud Integration

Third-platform technologies like virtualization and cloud services are now crossing the line into the mainstream IT category. Traditionally these types of projects were exclusive to large enterprises, but today they are a big consideration for growing firms. The consumerization of IT and the rise of mobility are just a few factors that are pushing midsize businesses to the cloud. IT professionals at midsize firms must manage secure and reliable IT with limited budgets, resources and staff. The cloud has proven to be a secure solution for various IT needs. If integrated properly, growing firms can remain competitive without making as large of an upfront investment as they would have made in the past.

Saugatuck’s cloud survey also points out that there are new solutions, including tool kits and solution packs, for the most requested business project needs. Meanwhile, independent software vendors (ISVs) are filling a need and delivering managed integration services as well. These types of services are valuable for IT professionals at midsize firms that are looking to invest in cloud integration. It’s critical that a growing firm with limited room for error move ahead with a cloud integration project equipped with the right tools and procedures in place in order to avoid losing precious resources.

A Cloud Future

More vendors are innovating in the cloud services space, helping firms choose the provider that best fits with their needs and budget. As time goes on, successful cloud integration will become more vital than ever, especially for midsize firms that need to remain competitive in an ever-changing IT landscape that includes mobile, social media, analytics and virtualization.


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