Brisbane Tech company offers simple cloud computing solution for Australian businesses


Michelle Smytheman| International

Leading IT  company divestIT is launching a new secure cloud-based desktop service that offers small and medium size businesses a solution that has up until now been the domain of large scale enterprise.

The solution allows these businesses to operate literally from anywhere without the hassle and expense of a typical setup for such mobility.

divestIT managing director, Nigel Heyn, said the new divestIT cloudDesktop was a secure, very cost-effective solution that allows people to log in to their desktop from any device or computer, using any internet provider, wherever they are.

“This means as long as people can access a device or computer with an internet connection they can access their company data and applications safely without the hassle and expense of managing hardware, software and ongoing maintenance,” Mr Heyn said.

“Our client’s cloudDesktop is hosted with us, in our secure Australian Data Centre (the cloud), with our team of expert technicians looking after everything around the clock.”

Mr Heyn said the divestIT cloudDesktop gives clients the same experience as being at their office desktop PC, regardless of the application in use.

“All of your applications such as Microsoft Office, Exchange, MYOB, CRM or whatever you use will be there along with all your company files, documents and internet browsing so you will have the same functionality you are used to from wherever you want to be located.

“This means people can concentrate on doing business seamlessly between home, office, client meetings, coffee shops, airports and even internationally without any hassles.”

The cloudDesktop system is completely scalable allowing users to optimise and manage company resources regardless of their requirements.

Mr Heyn said the system was also priced on a per desktop basis so it was suitable for everyone from small businesses up.

“cloudDesktop is particularly suitable for small and medium businesses because very often they don’t have the time or funds to develop class-leading, custom IT solutions.

“Our solution takes care of all the important functionality which removes the business owners from the hassle of having to maintain servers with secure remote access, antivirus management and the need to have a backup system in place for data redundancy and security.”

divestIT has been provisioning cloud computing before the term “cloud” was used to describe how we implemented a service, and we have over a decade of experience with a proven record of technical engineering, service excellence and reliability.

“Since inception, divestIT cloudDesktops have provided 100% uptime to our clients, with zero outages.”

“You also don’t have to learn how to use different and new systems or struggle to find any of your files – they are all exactly where you left them on a system that you are familiar with.”

Each cloudDesktop automatically includes 10GB of storage per user, plus the latest Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Exchange email and calendar sharing, all ready for immediate use.

All client data is hosted securely within Australia, and includes data insurance protection and the latest Anti-Virus Protection. There are also no lock-in contracts with one easy monthly investment of $49.95 per user.

About divestIT:

divestIT is an Australian technology company with a strong presence in the world of cloud computing. For over a decade divestIT has been delivering Australian businesses with world class IT strategies and technologies. At divestIT, the whole team believes that all clients deserve the freedom to focus on their own strengths and ‘divest’ their technology needs to a team of passionate experts.

divestIT powers the technology behind government bodies and national companies across legal, mining, aged care, financial services, childcare and many other industries.

The entire divestIT team is dedicated to bringing the future of technology into the day-to-day lives of our clients. Through a combination of proprietary technology and partnerships with local and international companies, you can rely on divestIT to deliver the latest and best of practice methods necessary for your IT resources to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

divestIT is committed to bringing clients the right strategy partnered with the right technology.



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