How data can boost your ecommerce business


The Southeast Asia region is now witnessing a massive penetration of internet services. With over 648 million of citizens, 35% of increase in smartphone usage and up to 1.5% of e-commerce annual growth, online retailers, business start-ups and investors can start tapping into new market opportunities and finding ways to ... Read More
market is one of the most competitive and attractive markets within Asia-Pacific


The growth of Singapore card payments market is driven by the growing e-commerce industry, growing tourism, rising disposable income, new product launches and growth in retail sector. High internet penetration in the country is expected to encourage online sales, which is expected to contribute to the growth of card payments ... Read More
Singapore-China Business Forum spotlights e-commerce in China


At its annual Singapore-China Business Forum on Monday (Jun 8), the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) turned the spotlight on e-commerce, offering tips for local businesses hoping to tap on China's booming market.
How to be a pro at this year’s Great Singapore Sale


The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) frenzy has officially kicked off Friday (May 29), but judging by the crowds being drawn to early sales around our city, shoppers and shops alike are already proving their true-blue Singaporean "kiasu-ness".
CloudGarage shows small businesses in cloud services how to dream big


Cloud has played a big role in sustaining new entrants to the IT world since it is extremely supportive to startups, offering very high levels of scalability. Therefore, it is no surprise that we are seeing the advent of several ‘born in the cloud’ firms, purely dedicated to cloud services.
E-commerce to drive Asean retail growth


E-commerce can help develop Asean's retail store industry and will benefit both customers and suppliers in the area, the Asean Company Advisory Authorities (Asean BAC) said in its latest review.
The Not So Far East Asia, the Next E-commerce Frontier


With retailers around the globe concentrating their attention on Asia as the next frontier, many make the mistake of focusing too heavily on China. Whilst China is undoubtedly Asia’s golden child, Asia comprises the largest and most populous continent with a combined population of approximately 4.4 billion, as such it ... Read More
Rules and regulations can hamper e-commerce FedEx


The digital age offers new business opportunities to the growing number of e-commerce start-ups, but these companies need to do homework on rules and restrictions that could derail their businesses, said an executive of FedEx Express.
Financial technology booms as digital wave hits banks, insurance firms


With technology pressing the financial sector to change its systems and processes, banks and insurance companies are being urged to embrace the digital wave.