10 Reasons Why Tiny Singapore Is Far More Startup Friendly Than USA or Hong Kong


Still believe Silicon Valley is the best place for your internet startup? Except your status, think about taxes, registration paperwork, dealing with authorities, visas for your staff, cost of living, infrastructure… And now imagine you get an opportunity to wring more out of your startup! We will show you why a ... Read More
SingPost to launch end-to-end e-commerce solution to help SMEs


The Singapore cards and payments market databook includes market size and forecast for the period 2010 to 2020 in terms of number of cards, value and volume of transactions processed through these cards. The databook also includes competitive landscape (card issuers in the country) for both debit cards and credit ... Read More
E-commerce to drive Asean retail growth


E-commerce can help grow Asean's retail sector and will benefit both consumers and retailers in the region, the Asean Business Advisory Council (Asean BAC) said in its latest report.
How startups can get a big boost from cloud computing services


One of the many challenges startups face when their platform takes off, is the ability to scale their functions quickly enough to accommodate a rapidly growing number of clients.
How to make sure your Singapore e-commerce business complies with privacy laws


Singapore’s economic development boom and the increasing penetration of mobile and internet services in the region has increased the need for cyber law reform in the area. Singapore has led the charge on a number of fronts, including privacy law, cloud computing law, and electronic transactions. With these changes in ... Read More
Tiong Nam targeting e-commerce market


Singapore Post (SingPost) has acquired a 30 per cent stake in Australian e-commerce firm Hubbed Holdings for about A$4.3 million (S$4.45 million). The investment was made through indirect wholly owned Quantium Solutions (Australia), which acquired 85,715 ordinary shares in Hubbed.
The Not So Far East Asia, the Next E-commerce Frontier


With retailers around the globe concentrating their attention on Asia as the next frontier, many make the mistake of focusing too heavily on China. Whilst China is undoubtedly Asia’s golden child, Asia comprises the largest and most populous continent with a combined population of approximately 4.4 billion, as such it ... Read More
Singapore reinvents postal service into an e-commerce juggernaut


In most cities, the post office is a drab reminder of government inefficiency and bloated bureaucracy. In Singapore, it operates like a tech startup.
The new frontier of cloud computing


Whether you store data in the public cloud and action it locally, or send workloads to other environments from your own on-premises or legacy systems, there's one potential weak link in cloud computing of any kind: Transport.