2017 is just around the corner. In order to assist companies to ace communications next year, new channels are opening up. Location is the most important, and perhaps the only factor to look for in a property, from a real estate point of view. For a business, ... Read More


These days, cloud computing is spreading at the speed of light while companies are trying to take benefit of it. Cloud computing offers cost-efficiency, scalability and flexibility. Cloud computing is spreading rapidly, so there are debates over its trust and understanding.... Read More
Cloud Computing


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  Here comes the big news for our valued clients and customers from all around the globe. As per the drastically changing dynamics of the technological world and in order to maintain our quality oriented and customer centric approach. XCLUESIV team would proudly ... Read More
Trends in storage and its impact on the Cloud and data center


We talk to Don Foster, Senior Director of Product Management at CommVault on the value of data and how businesses can make best use of it.
How will IoT impact the aging population in Singapore


Singapore faces the prospect of a shrinking and aging citizen population – compounded by low birth rates, the number of seniors aged over 65 years, will more than double from 430,000 today to over 900,000 in 2030. By then, one in five will be 65 and above as compared to ... Read More
E-Government Successes In Singapore, It Takes Just Minutes to File Your Taxes


Singapore might be a small island country in Southeast Asia, but it has recently had big wins with its e-government programs. Its recipe for success? Creating services based on the actual needs of the citizens, rather than the needs it assumes they have, said Singapore Chief Information Officer Chan Cheow ... Read More
Cloud providers aren’t sharing their metadata – and it leads to bad trust with customers


The verdict on cloud vendors has come in from a new research study by Forrester: must do better in assuaging compliance fears, building support issues, and making customers feel wanted.
Orange Business Services Expands IaaS Offerings in Asia Pacific


Orange Business Services has expanded its Asia Pacific presence, launching its public cloud offering called Flexible Computing Advanced in the region through data center nodes in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. The next-generation service is aimed at companies who have data centers and network requirements across several countries, the company ... Read More